To club, or not to club - (W1OP N1ET Story)

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After joining the Providence Radio Association (PRA), call sign W1OP, I contributed hours to the club, and was recognized at their Annual Awards Dinner, The award read: N1ET: The “Prime Contributor Award”, for assisting with our computer and IT issues, Remote Station and Digital mode improvements, equipment maintenance, developing the W1OP 5-Band Award software and administering that program, operating contests, being the Official Photographer of the PRA, assisting us at just about every function, task, and operating activity. And learning CW!

In 2023 I was unanimously voted to our Board of Directors. Despite being a director, I heard several times at club meetings the term "The board met and determined" yet never having been part of, notified of, or participated in, such meetings. Because of this, I resigned from the board. Even though I was no longer a Director, I did remain an active member of the club participating in anything that was needed, including maintenance help at the club and a lot of computer work. However, I grew frustrated as the same four or five members did all the work.

I have since grown apart from the politics of that club, as it is more like a Social Club then a Radio Club at this point, when internal communications suddenly stopped, I sent an email to the President to see what was wrong and was then told that the Board had put me on "Inactive Status" (which usually means dues weren't paid and they were). I was told this was due to a "several complaints of my misconduct with relationship to the PRA" (whatever that means), but was never notified of this when it happened, given a reason for the complaints, nor allowed to defend myself. As a result, the Board of Directors terminated my membership with no due process, or proper explanation. I suspect a angered one of the elders. This club has a large number of members who have been together since young adults for more than 50 years and enjoy reminiscing in Italian at their meetings. I truly never felt like a member. I wish the club luck and hope in the future that the Constitution and By-Laws of the Providence Radio Association becoming attainable to all members that swear an oath to it.

I still love the Amateur Radio hobby, and will remain fully active. I really enjoy being a ham, and I intend to be all of my life.


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